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Hey Whats good?  I’m looking for up and coming rappers and singers to collab with on my album being released after this “Okinawa Nights – EP” drops.  The album will also be called “Okinawa Nights”.  All of this will build up to a planned commercial released early 2019. 

The EP is not intended for paid/commercial release. The “Okinawa Nights – EP” will be made freely available to download and/or stream via the artist’s website and on a range web platforms such as SoundCloud, Reverbnation, NumberOneMusic, etc… to try raise awareness of his profile as well as the collaborators, get some of his music out there and create a bit of a buzz in the marketplace for the following commercial release of “Okinawa Nights” scheduled to be released early part of 2019. As such, working on these promos is not a paid position, although artists and producers will be fully credited work for their work on any platform where they appear, and almost certainly that would lead to opportunities for paid work on the album project as well.

If you are interested on collaborating on the project and maybe some future work email me at with some links to any existing work you’ve got up online, and a bit about yourself, what you’re into and where you’re based.  Also could you confirm what sort of recording or production software youve got access to.

I will get back to you with more info, some examples of songs off the EP that are already completed so you can get an idea of what we are trying to accomplishment.

Thanks for taking time to read this…hope to hear your work.


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